SDPC Resource Registry API released to further the awareness of student data privacy

The Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC), a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community, is proud to announce the release of its API to enable the use of the public information available from the SDPC Resource Registry to further student data privacy awareness in the educational marketplace.


While meant to be a tool for individual schools and Alliances to use for their internal application management, the strength of the Resource Registry is in the numbers!  Data from thousands of schools, about contract information across hundreds of vendors, is the leveraging that is moving the needle in the educational technology marketplace.  Some of the inputted information is available publicly on the site (no log in required) while much more is only accessible with membership and account log in.


By popular request, the SDPC Governance Group has been asked by numerous parties (schools, states, researchers, vendors policy makers, etc.) to make the public information available in the SDPC Resource Registry in a more efficient manner.  The SDPC Resource Registry API is that mechanism. The API is only available to SDPC members and users must adhere to the API Registry Usage Policy.


“As the SDPC community continues to grow exponentially members are seeing opportunities to leverage the public data in a manor to serve the needs of both districts and vendors better” states Steve Smith, CIO, Cambridge Public Schools.  “SDPC’s willingness to share this information in an efficient manor with partners providing services to SDPC members demonstrates the power of the community as a whole.”


The SDPC Governance Group have also published their Privacy Policy, including API Usage Policy documentation, outlining the terms of use for members to access and use the API.  It also clearly identifies which data objects are shared via the API and which are not.


To find out more about the SDPC Resource Registry API, please go to: