How Are You Showing Your Customers a Commitment to Student Data Privacy?

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Are you looking for a way to show current and potential customers your organization’s support in addressing their student data privacy concerns?

…You might be already, and not even know it!


The Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) is a unique collaborative of schools, states and federal agencies, and marketplace providers across multiple countries setting clear and common expectations in addressing tactical student privacy issues.  The uniqueness is that providers and their current and potential customers sit across the table from each other every month!  The “privacy by the numbers” of 28 states, 8500 districts, 50 vendors and 3,500 vendor applications as part of the Community should tell you the impact being made!


What’s the value proposition for your organization’s involvement in the Community?

Product/Service Promotion

Proactive Legal / Legislative Development

> Your Company Touting SDPC Involvement
> Vendor Marketplace Promotion
> 30min Marketing “Opportunities” Webinars to Community
> Preferred Provider Program

> National Privacy Clause Set Development
> Legislative Guidance
> Current and Potential Customer Needs Identification

Tools Access

Community Involvement

> Registry API Access
> Privacy Object Document API (TBD)
> Privacy Quality Control Program (TBD)

> Access to decision maker contact info
> Privacy Professional Development for Staff
> Involvement in Developing Use Case Pilots

The ROI is apparent!


Check to see if your products/services are already in the SDPC Resource Registry…

(Go to the SDPC Resource Registry Database Search and search on ‘Resource’.)

As an added incentive, the SDPC is a Special Interest Group under the Non-Profit Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community and most members take advantage of the discounted “duel” membership rate. It will be critical for Privacy Certification and can support your technical development as an organization!


So don’t wait, join today

Your customers are asking…


Download the PDF >>