SDPC Update, January 2020

Welcome to 2020!  We hope you enjoy this first Update of the year and get you thinking about some possible “what’s next” for the Community… oh, and happy Data Privacy Day!


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Setting Student Privacy Common Expectations Between End Users and Marketplace Providers

Periodically we want the Consortium members to understand some “non best practices” and what they can do to avoid their, and even the overarching Consortium’s, possible future pitfalls.  We will be highlighting these periodically to help add to your student data privacy effective practices library as well as provide updates on the Community’s expanding work that ideally you will want to be a part of in 2020!

The title of this section reiterates the overarching vision of the SDPC – and actually the Access 4 Learning Community as well!  It is critical in reaching this vision that these partners in learning understand their respective roles and responsibilities in keeping safe the information on our youngest citizens while always looking for best practices to follow.  That is where the SDPC is thriving.  We focus this Update on App Registry tool.

Vendors Key Points:


  • DO NOT edit the various Alliance agreements without indicating changes to customer
  • This means including using terminology along the lines of “modelled after….” or promoting the agreement as a “SDPC Agreement” but must adhere to your Alliance Agreement if one is in place.
End Users Key Points:


  • POST ONLY agreements on the Registry labelled as “Alliance Agreement Name #”, “Vendor Specific Agreement”, “District Modified”, or “Declined”.
  • If any modifications occur, please note on Registry modification name i.e. “Modified for XYZ reason”

More and more agreements are going up each day on the Registry and it is being accessed hundreds of time each day.  Continuing this tool’s positive growth, protect agreements for providers and end users and reduce non-effective practices that could damage its usage are key focus areas for the Community.  Looking to set those “common expectations” …



Did you know?  Quick Facts… 

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SDPC Resource Registry Usage




SDPC Pricing Changes

For all membership renewals, with an invoice due date from March 1, 2020 onwards, the revised pricing structure will be applicable.  This follows feedback from Community members and we hope this will enable additional Vendors to join the growing Consortium!





New Alliance!: We are thrilled to have a new formal Alliance in the Consortium – welcome TN and the Alliance Lead organization Tennessee Educational Technology Association (TETA)! We are thrilled to have this strong leadership organization ready to be an active part of the Consortium. Look out for more coming on board this quarter!


2020 Interoperability and Privacy Summit – Come join us…:  The SDPC and Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community, together with several Partners, will be hosting two days of “tactical” data interoperability and privacy conversations with real-world work examples.   While many are focused on managing the interoperability and privacy of student data, only A4L is addressing both in the same place at the same time.

Audience: This event will be of interest to any/all School District and State Leaders committed to data privacy and data exchange.

Keynote speakers include CEDS, CoSN, Future of Privacy Forum, PTAC, Project Unicorn, SIIA, and numerous state and local CIOs – all the major players including media!   Sessions on privacy complexities; setting a foundation for interoperability; working ‘Strategies’ session; an overview of Massachusetts ‘Data Hub’; as well as valuable takeaways for participants to implement in their own institutions!  Places are limited to 40-60 attendees.

Registration closes on February 14, 2020 so REGISTER TODAY!


National Privacy Clause Set: The “Legal Working Group” is making great progress in drafting a new National DPA. We are still hopeful to meet our target of a summer 2020 launch. Once a draft is finalized the SDPC Governance Group will make the final decisions on recommendations from the legal working group. We hope all Alliance will be able to adopt this new Nation Wide DPA.


Governance Group: Next on the Group’s plate is the setting of various Policies and Procedures documents needed by this growing Community. Policies are currently under development regarding:

  • Governance Group Election Process
  • Task Force Approval Processes (both for groups and products of group
  • Stay Tuned for Consortium-Wide Communications and Postings on the Resource Site


Vendor Showcase: This year we are thrilled to offer our marketplace providers the opportunity to co-host 30 min webinars touting their great products and services highlighting their support to student data privacy.

These “drop in” sessions will be a great benefit to both provides and end users in setting our common expectations.  VENDORS: please drop a line to Penny Murray to get your session on the calendar and promoted to the entire Consortium.



New Meeting Schedule

We have set all of the current meetings for our 2020 schedule.  Members can access the dial-in information from the SDPC Community Site home page: (*please note: any changes to the call schedules will be posted on the SDPC Community Site and an email sent out to all subscribers).

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