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New membership structure, improvements forthcoming

As highlighted in the recent A4L-SDPC Quarterly Newsletter (December 2021), throughout the past few months the A4L Community has proactively sought input on how to best serve members and better leverage our resources.

Based on results from a survey sent to all members earlier this year, as well as a deeper dive conducted by our contracted marketing firm through one-to-one interviews, we are pleased to announce a number of changes will be implemented during first quarter 2022 and beyond.

“Nearly 100% of our resources are supported solely by membership dues, that we’ve been able to sustain A4L for more than 25 years validates the strength of what we have to offer, yet we knew improvements were needed. With limited resources, however, in certain areas we were falling short with meeting member needs and reflecting innovation in our brand, therefore, it’s time for change and embracing a new approach.”

As a result, the Board recently approved the following:

  >  Combining both interoperability (A4L) and privacy work (SDPC) vs. splitting our energy and resources. As part of refocusing our efforts and offering one, collective Community, members will have the flexibility of choosing a membership level that best meets their needs.

  >  Reducing the amount of complimentary support we offer non-members; by providing free accessibility, we actively dissuade more vendors and end-users from becoming members.

The first of several changes being made is set to occur January 1: implementing a new membership structure.

For some members, dues will decrease – such as if they hold dual memberships for both A4L and SDPC. For others, dues may increase – for instance, if they choose value-added subscription services for a premium membership.  New membership levels and associated benefits for each are noted below.

While the new structure goes into effect January 1, 2022, membership dues will not increase until a member’s next renewal date. In continuing our renewal notifications 60 days in advance of membership expiration, those members who already have received their notice will remain on the current  (2021) pricing structure.

Additional changes set to occur during first quarter 2022 include refreshing our brand, which will change the look of our materials, as well as updating our website so it’s more engaging and content easier to access.

“Moving forward, we are rededicating our commitment to our stakeholders and appreciate all of the honest feedback we received. I’m confident these changes—supported by our leaders and the Board—will help to not only sustain our initiative for many more years, but also renew our position as the premier Community for learners.”

Please watch for many more details in the coming weeks.



Limited SDPC Resource Registry view & search – 
          View: All Statistics / Alliance List / Participating Districts / Alliance Model DPAs (if posted)
          Search: Individual district DPAs (one district at a time) / Vendor Member DPAs

Access to openly developed interoperable, with privacy on the wire, technical SpecificationXXX
Effective practices documentation support for application integrationXXX
Access to Vendor Marketplace informationXXX
Access to view SIF Certification RegistryXXX
Newsletter subscriptionXXX
Access to White papersXXX

Basic SDPC Resource Registry view & search –
          View: Secured DPAs
          Search: Entire Registry across all Alliances and Countries

Application/Resource Registry Management   XX
Organizational privacy workflow tool  XX
Use of National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA) and Badges XX
Use of National Research Data Privacy Agreement (NRDPA) XX
Developer Sandbox Access XX
Interoperability and Privacy Guidance XX
Access and networking opportunities to other global Community Members XX
Standards Use Case and Privacy Resource Library XX
Members Identified on Resource Registry Searches XX
Organization highlighted on Vendor Marketplace XX
Access to Community Site collaboration area XX
Be a part of Community Project Teams/deliverables – Developing technical standards, National Data Privacy Agreement, etc. XX
Access to Staff & Community expertise to resolve privacy and data exchange issues XX
Ability to run for leadership positions and an equal voice ‘at the table (no matter how large or small your organization) XX
Community Updates and Reminders subscription XX

Advanced SDPC Resource Registry Functionality
          State Alliances NDPA Comparison
          Automated POD Creation via the Registry’s GEPS Manager
          Promotion of Resources when Alliance DPA Signed
          Resource Registry API Access

Premium Member Badge for use plus Premium Member recognition at all events  X
Host Marketplace providers ‘Showcase’ webinars  X
Access to SIF Test Harness for quality control support & testing  X
Unlimited API Management Testing  X
Complimentary Certification Program Utilization  X
15% off Community Meetings Registration Fees  X


If you have any questions regarding the membership changes, please contact Penny Murray, Community Director, A4L Community.


Our new membership structure is now live! More details, including pricing can be found here.