The value of membership...

While products of this Consortium will be made available to the marketplace free of charge, there is a value in formal membership. The Consortium will provide a collaborative space for members to create a suite of solutions and resources to operationalize student data privacy.

Membership includes:

A full voice in determining priorities and input throughout deliverables development

Collaborative development of standardized and vetted contract language

A role inputting and full access to a clearinghouse of research and privacy effective practices, Use cases and technical assistance guides, Audit processes, checklists, and tools support, Data governance and management modeling, and communities of practice between and among consortium members

Access to a community of schools, districts, states and marketplace providers dealing with the same issues you are!


Specific benefits of membership


What is the value proposition for your organization's involvement?

Membership Fees

As well as membership of the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC), you may also wish to consider joint membership of the A4L Community too (the SDPC is a Special Interest Group of the A4L Community). 


Benefits of joint A4L Community & SDPC membership include: Access to Tools including SIF Test Harness, SIF Certification Program, SDPC API, SDPC Digital Tools Governance; Technical Advice & Support including access to Staff & Community member expertise to resolve technical issues and development; Collaboration in working groups and Special Interest Groups, creating valuable relationships with your peers; inclusion on the Vendor Marketplace promoted to the education sector; and regular Communications including A4L Quarterly Newsletters and monthly updates, quarterly SDPC updates and group updates.  


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All membership dues are shown in USD, payable per annum.

Vendors membership dues are based on the gross annual revenue and/or funding/grants obtained for the organization.


Individual State Alliance

(Regional Agency/SEA or Association)

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Further discounts are available for existing A4L Community Members wishing to join the Student Data Privacy Consortium.  Please go to the membership application page to review the available Member discounts.

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