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The Access 4 Learning Community (A4L) and it’s special interest group the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC), is unique as it offers all members an equal voice.  Whether you are a small business or a multi-national, a one-building district/division or national education agency, your voice and opinions count and you are welcomed to the ‘A4L Table’.  This is THE place to contribute to learning tools that work seamlessly whilst ensuring data integrity, security and privacy.  There is no better place to connect with your peers, partners, contractors, clients or experts in data management and privacy!

The value of membership...

The Community is THE collaborative space for members to create a suite of solutions and resources to operationalize student data privacy. Made up of both marketplace software providers and their customers, the Community is the BEST way to show your public commitment to protecting student data.

Membership includes:

A full voice in determining priorities and input throughout deliverables development

Collaborative development of standardized and vetted contract language

A role inputting and full access to a clearinghouse of research and privacy effective practices, Use cases and technical assistance guides, Audit processes, checklists, and tools support, Data governance and management modeling, and communities of practice between and among consortium members

Access to a community of schools, districts, divisions, states, territories and marketplace providers dealing with the same issues you are!


Specific benefits of membership


What is the value proposition for your organization's involvement?

Membership Access and Benefits

This Community is 100% supported by members – and we collectively address their pain points and ‘wish lists’ to best support their work.  The diverse Community make-up means the value add of membership depends on who you are.

Everyone can access the A4L Community websites and the resources they offer, but non-members have limited access to the SDPC Resource Registry and Community Site (Project Team collaboration area):

FREE access

(no account required)

BASIC Membership

All ‘FREE’ access, PLUS:

View: Secured DPAs

Search: Entire Registry across all Alliances and Countries – by State, Vendor, Resource, DPA, Grade Level and/or Content Area

Application Registry Management

Organizational privacy workflow tool

Use of National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA)

Use of National Research Data Privacy Agreement (NRDPA)

Members Identified on Resource Registry Searches

PREMIUM Membership

All ‘FREE’ and ‘BASIC’ access, PLUS:

State Alliances NDPA Comparison

Automated POD Creation via the Registry’s GEPS Manager

Promotion of Resources when Alliance DPA Signed

Resource Registry API Access

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