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The Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) is a membership driven collaborative addressing ‘on the ground’ student privacy issues.  While the products of the collaboration will be made free of charge to all, certain resources, collaborative activities and a ‘voice at the table’ in determining projects and content, all require membership.  We encourage you to become a part of this growing community and become a member.

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A4L Community Site

Available to all (paying) members of the A4L Community / SDPC Consortium, the collaboration area offers discussion/forum areas, project team information & meeting details and ‘member only’ documentation.


SDPC Resource Registry

Alliances (plus their participating School Districts), End Users and Vendors have access to manage their resources, upload Agreements and provide status updates on the Registry.  For more information, please review the Resources area.

If you are already an existing member of the A4L Community, please contact us to upgrade your membership and obtain discounted membership rates.

If you do not have access to the collaboration area or SDPC Resource Registry management area, consider joining the Consortium!