National Data Privacy Agreement

The National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA) has been community developed and designed to streamline application contracting and set common expectations between schools/districts and marketplace providers.

After a great amount of Community growth and feedback, schools, districts, divisions and states indicated they needed their own state-specific version of the DPA for larger adoption. 

Two years later, there was enough commonality between state specific DPAs that a National DPA Project Team explored the viability of developing a draft that could be used by any school/district/division across the US.  The NDPA has been developed with extensive review and comments from all stakeholders and is designed to address common student data privacy concerns and streamline the contracting processes for users with limited legal or fiscal resources for “one off” contracts with each of the over 13,000 US school districts.

To find out more and get your needs addressed, please join in the conversations by being part of the Consortium. 

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National Data Privacy Agreement

Recorded: August 5, 2020. This briefing provides an overview of the National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA).