Streamlining the Procurement Process


The Privacy Contract Framework project is focused on the development a framework for identifying solutions that have on-the-ground and real-world impact on student data privacy enabling schools, districts, state and vendors find resources, adapt them to their unique context and implement needed protections. Application Profiles will be developed to support “apples to apples” comparisons.

“The California Educational Technology Professionals Association (CETPA), representing over 1,000 districts, has joined the Student Data Privacy Consortium. The Consortium has a mature process for establishing a statewide contract and a database for posting vetted applications and provides transparency to staff and community. In California, legislation has created an overwhelming burden to review every contract which has been an impediment to classroom web curriculum. Collaboratively working with our partners, we expect to build clear steps that will streamline the process in protecting our student’s data by having a state-wide contract demonstrating compliance with CA legislation.”

               Steve Carr, Chief Technology Officer, Ventura County Office of Education 
               and CETPA President Elect


Learning institutions are being asked to do more and more in their role as student data stewards. One of the first steps in helping them do their job is to support and ideally streamline the application contract development and agreement with vendors. The Privacy Contract Framework provides some of those resources, expertise and even great tools!


Contract Builder

A place to start for end users to review numerous other contract clauses including those from the US Department of Education to “mix and match” clauses that best fit their contract needs – a build your own contract tool!

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SDPC Application/Resource Registry

A major headache for any digital learning ecosystem is having an accurate depiction of applications in use, information about that applications usage, contract information and the ability to do the “in house” application management and at the same time allow for external application usage information. Add onto that the ability to streamline contracts so all of your applications are requested in a standardized process and even the ability to use one contract for all an institution application needs. Sounds far fetched? It was originally built by Cambridge Public Schools District and has been added to and now a tool to be used!

View SDPC Application/Resource Registry


The Privacy Contract Framework is designed for schools, districts, regional organizations/associations or state agencies that do have a model/template contract designed specifically for their jurisdiction and are ready to create a jurisdictional specific Alliance for the purpose of utilizing shared model contracts. There are a growing number of jurisdictional Alliances – made up of a number of organizations – with the goal of sharing the same privacy contract wording within their state/territory. Individual organization and Alliance Members have additional tools they can use to manage their ecosystem.



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