Project Teams

Interested in data management and interoperability?  Find out what the Community Project Teams are working on here >>

SDPC Alliance Leadership Project Team

The focus of this group is to provide updates, reminders and needs conversation between State Alliance Leads, includes NDPA development discussions.

Call Schedule: Every 2 weeks, Thursday at 12noon ET

SDPC Vendor Project Team

The focus for this group is to facilitate Vendor only sessions gathering needs, questions, effective practice and student privacy story sharing between vendors, includes NDPA development discussions.

Call Schedule: Quarterly, 1st Thursday at 1pm ET (May, Aug, Nov, Feb)

Global Education Security Standards (GESS) Project Team

The new Global Education Security Standard (GESS) Project Team has been working diligently to develop a matrix/crosswalk of all existing security frameworks and identify a core set of controls applicable to PK-20 data. The group is at a point now that they would like to share this work with industry experts to obtain feedback to further guide their work.

Call Schedule: Every month, 4th Thursday, 4pm US ET

SDPC Resource Registry Roadmap (R3) Project Team

This group is charged with establishing a long-term vision for the SDPC Resource Registry including features, functionalities, operations, funding and priorities for change requests.  This information is then passed along to SDPC Management Board for discussion and approval.

Call Schedule: Every month, 1st Tuesday at 1pm ET

SDPC Research Data Sharing Agreement Project Team

The Research Data Privacy Agreement (RDPA) Project Team is charged with the task of standardizing data sharing agreement between end users and researchers.  This will be accomplished by reviewing examples of currently used Research Data Sharing Agreements and some “must haves” in a potential candidate draft. The Project Team will successfully leverage the processes and format of the National Data Privacy Agreement SDPC work to generate and support the usage of a common agreement addressing the needs of both end users and researchers.

Call Schedule: Every month, 3rd Tuesday at 2pm ET

SDPC Legislative Activity Project Team

This group focuses on the current and future legislative activities impacting on the ground student privacy work and the possibility of crafting suggested wording for each State Alliance government representatives. 

Call Schedule: Every 3 months, 1st Thursday, at 3pm ET (Feb, May, Aug, Nov)

** This group is currently on hold**

NDPA Policy, Procedures & Usage (PPU) Project Team

The focus of this group is around ongoing management of NDPA draft development and policy and procedures surrounding its usage. 
*Currently on hold during the NDPA v2 development process currently underway by Alliance & Vendor Project Teams*

Call Schedule: TBD

In addition, we have ‘open’ webinars for the education marketplace as follows:

SDPC Vendor Showcase Webinars

Monthly webinars by our SDPC Vendor Members providing information on how they are addressing privacy policies, effective practices etc with their organization’s products or services.

Call Schedule: (March-November) 3rd Thursday, every month at 2pm ET