Privacy Contract Framework

The Privacy Contract Framework project is focused on the development a framework for identifying solutions that have on-the-ground and real-world impact on student data privacy enabling schools, districts, state and vendors find resources, adapt them to their unique context and implement needed protections. Application Profiles will be developed to support “apples to apples” comparisons.

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Digital Tools Governance

The Digital Tools Governance project centers around developing a comprehensive framework for aligning a school system’s policy landscape, strategic programming, tactical processes, and accountability mechanisms to support the system’s vision of how its digital tool ecosystem will advance its overall mission and goals while minimizing its risks of data privacy and security incidents.

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Global Education Privacy Standard (GEPS)

The Global Education Privacy Standard (GEPS) project’s focus is to see how many steps can be standardized, automated, or establish effective practices so we all are not starting from scratch each time. Along with the Privacy Contract Framework Project and the SIF Implementation Specification, the goal is to streamline application selection, vetting, on boarding (sharing properly protected data elements), and final implementation with marketplace norms.

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Possible Projects
Community Engagement Best PracticesTeacher and Vendor Privacy 101 Learning
Transparency/Awareness Best PracticesData Sensitivity
Vetting School ApplicationsCompliance Tools
Securing DataPrivacy Language and Terminology
Security AuditsPrivacy Audits

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