We are in the process of putting various resources together to help you understand the SDPC, find out how to get started on your own Alliance, videos of how to use the SDPC Application/Resource Registry, PLUS external resources of interest.


Video: SDPC Resource Registry

>  Are you looking for a ‘picture’ of the software applications in use in your School District and across your State?
>  Want a way to streamline contract negotiations, privacy requirements and logistics of getting software applications into your digital ecosystem?

Video: Student Privacy - What are YOUR obligations?

Student Data Privacy: What are YOUR obligations?

Community Updates & Newsletters

Find out the latest from the A4L Community / Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) and find out how both communities are addressing interoperability AND data privacy!


Alliance 101 Handbook

Thinking of setting up an Alliance?  Here is a quick 101 to help you get started…

SDPC Resource Registry training for Alliance Admins

Training for the new Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) Application / Resource Registry.  Presented on Feb 26, 2019 by Lisa Waters, Cambridge Public Schools.

SDPC Alliance: Legal Support

This Alliance legal support call was scheduled to discuss the rationale behind development, usage and issue identification related to the National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA). Presenting Mark Williams, F3 Law as guest host, this webinar provided an opportunity for mature and new Alliances legal advisors to get additional information about the NDPA and dive into conversations on usage.  Recorded on September 28, 2021.

On-Boarding Videos & Technical Guides

Already an SDPC member?  Here are a few self-help videos and Technical Guides to help you on your way.​

School Districts

SDPC Resource Registry training for District Admins

Training for the new Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) Application / Resource Registry.  Presented on Feb 25, 2019 by Lisa Waters, Cambridge Public Schools.

On-Boarding Videos & Technical Guides

Already an SDPC member?  Here are a few self-help videos and Technical Guides to help you on your way.


Video: SDPC Resource Registry - Vendor walk-through

An overview for SDPC Vendor members on how they can utilize the SDPC Resource Registry…

Vendor 101

All you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask…

Get An Edge on Your Competitors

Districts are going to the SDPC Resource Registry FIRST to find vendors who value student data privacy… and that could be you!

How Are You Showing Your Customers a Commitment to Student Data Privacy?

Are you looking for a way to show current and potential customers your organization’s support in addressing their student data privacy concerns?   …You might be already, and not even know it!

SDPC Resource Registry: API Usage Policy & Developer Guide

Subject to the restrictions contained within this document, SDPC members are granted a non-exclusive, worldwide, non-transferable, limited license to access the APIs and documentation only as necessary to develop, test and support an integration of your application with the Services.

Vendor Showcase Webinars

Students as Creators: Inspiring intrinsic learning without being overwhelming

Lucid for Education
November 18, 2021

K12 Data Privacy: Annual Review Best Practices

September 16, 2021

Address Online Student Privacy Through Digital Skills Education

BSD Education
June 17, 2021

Building an Effective District EdTech Ecosystem

March 18, 2021

How Can You Safely Reopen School? Data is the Vaccine.

Volan Technology
November 19, 2020

Establishing a Robust Student Data Privacy Culture

October 15, 2020

K-12 Cyber Safety, Security and The Reality of Distance Learning

June 18, 2020

Data Privacy and Active Directory Management Using xdAD

May 21, 2020

Gamifying PBIS - Changing Behavior by Fostering Lasting Engagement

February, 22, 2020

External Resources

PODCAST: Learning Through Leading - Understanding SOPPA with Tim McIlvain and Chris Wherley

Learning Through Leading: Our goal with this website and podcast is to help connect educators in schools and classrooms with those who are moving the needle to help kids in effective and innovative ways. Join us as we share our ideas, random thoughts, and conversations with you.

WEBINAR: FERPA and Virtual Learning during COVID-19

A webinar by United States Department of Education, Student Privacy Policy Office, presented on March 30, 2020.  FERPA related information for employees working from home – addressing responsibilities under FERPA when school officials are working with PII from education records at home.

FBI Public Service Announcement

The FBI takes a leadership position in the area of student privacy in its Public Service Announcement (PSA) entitled Education Technologies: Data Collection and Unsecured Systems Could Pose Risks To Students

US Privacy Technical Assistance Center (PTAC)

The US Department of Education is committed to student privacy.

Student Privacy Compass (formerly FERPA|SHERPA)

Student Privacy Compass (formerly called FERPA|Sherpa) is the student privacy resource center website. This site provides information, news, and opinions on maintaining student data privacy. Student Privacy Compass is an initiative of the the Future of Privacy Forum.

Educator Toolkit for Teacher and Student Privacy

‘A Practical Guide for Protecting Personal Data’ developed by Parent Coalition for Student Privacy and Badass Teachers Association.

Common Sense Privacy Education Initiative

A coordinated effort to evaluate edtech tools, protect student privacy, and build in safety and security from the start.

Forum Guide to Educational Policy

Developed as a resource for SEAs and LEAs to use in assisting school staff in protecting the confidentiality of student data in instructional & administrative practices.

The Internet and Data Security

What is collected, How to Opt-Out of Cookies and Disable Data Collection.

Establishing a Robust Student Data Privacy Culture

CatchOn has created federal and state-specific guides that outline and summarize student data privacy laws and regulations. Guides for the following states are available: California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia.