SDPC Preferred Provider Program

The Student Data Privacy Consortium’s (SDPC) focuses on collaborative activities and not attempt to replace products or services available in the marketplace allowing for ingenuity and opportunities for vendors to be a part of this trusted Community.

Recently, there have been multiple requests from local and state agencies for additional legal, implementation, professional learning, etc. support.  These additional “services” requested may or may not be in the core activities of, but are impacted by, the Consortium tools, effective practices, etc.   The SDPC leadership do not wish to enter into competition with community members but also want to play a leadership role in supporting the numerous requests from members to make the Project a success.  In an attempt to balance these factors, the SDPC Preferred Provider Program (P3) has been developed.

The Preferred Provider Program consists of:

Possible Service/Product Support Area(s):

Preferred Provider Requirements

To become an “SDPC Preferred Provider” the following criteria must be met:

If you, or your organization, is interested in being a SDPC Preferred Provider you can find more information in the Preferred Provider Guide or please contact us.

Be the first to get in front of the thousands of SDPC districts looking for privacy services support – and do it today!