SDPC Vendor Signatory Badge Program

The 34 State SDPC Alliances, representing over 34 million students in approximately 10,000 districts, are proud to partner with marketplace providers to set common expectations in their attempts to build “connected and secure K12 ecosystems” for learners.  The SDPC Vendor Signatory Badge Program is a visible representation for those schools and the vendor members who have signed standard Data Privacy Agreements (DPAs) establishing those expectations.

There are no additional work requirements for vendors outside of their normal contracting processes with customers to receive the SDPC Signatory Badge specific to their signed state Alliance DPA. Current SDPC Vendor Members who have signed standard Alliance agreements can access their badges automatically through the SDPC Resource Registry.

To search those vendors committed to student data privacy check out the SDPC Resource Registry and the larger set of projects the community is working on – addressing both interoperability and privacy.

SDPC Vendor Members: Download your SDPC Badge(s) today!

Log in to the SDPC Resource Registry

Go to Tools > Manage Badges

Your earned Badges will be listed / available for download

Usage Guidelines

>  Badges are for vendors with signed standard SDPC Alliance Data Privacy Agreements,

>  Badges can be used by marketplace providers as long as their signed Agreements are active and valid,

>  Badges can be used in marketing and communications for recipients,

>  Recipients should not make any modifications to the badge.