SDPC Resource Registry Roadmap

We are working hard to update the SDPC Resource Registry and improve its functionality for all users.

In Progress


Functionality & Speed 40%

Updating the functionality and speed of the SDPC Resource Registry. 
Incudes: Repair DB indexing, Query improvements, Front End Query Design.
Estimated date for completion: September 2021


Add Additional Admin Controls 20%

Add Additional Admin Controls
Including the ability for impersonation abilities for easier clean-up and assistance, additional methods for alliance database cleanup, ability for alliance admin to create reports for agreements uploaded in specific time frame, holding area for agreement approval, ability to have statewide agreements added to district registries.

Completed Tasks


Agreement Holding 100%

Agreement Holding 
This enhancement enables Alliances to manage NDPA/DPA’s before they go live on the SDPC Resource Registry.  This functionality is really important to ensure the quality of Agreements available from the Registry.
View the Technical Guides for more information on this feature.


DPA Renewal Workflow enhancement 100%

DPA Renewal Workflow enhancements. 
Build a workflow to manage expiring DPA renewal including Originating LEA and Subscribing LEAs.
View the Technical Guides for more information on this feature.


Agreement Progress Communication Control 100%

Agreement Progress Communication Control
Define a way to edit the progress emails globally – one edit applies to all Districts. 
Currently only available to MA, NH, ME, RI Alliances.


Agreement Progress Indicator 100%

Agreement Progress Indicator
Automatically add the progress steps and emails to every new District.  
Currently only available to MA, NH, ME, RI Alliances.

JULY 2021

Exhibit E Enhancement 100%

Exhibit E Execution Enhancement.
When choosing to subscribe to a DPA, each district needs to be presented with the option to a) add unique Exhibit A and/or b) add a unique Exhibit B, and also to send a copy of Exhibit E vendor email to subscribing LEA email address.
View the Technical Guides for more information on this feature.

Future Tasks


Enhanced table sorting

Improved Data Elements Selection Tool. Copy/Manual Selection Options, and Accurate Naming Convention

Implement Training Server

Enhanced Alliance Lead Dashboard

Add new field for ‘In Use at District’

Bulk Upload:  Allow for Bulk Import functionality for Districts. When new districts are on-boarding, many choose to upload their inventory of applications. Today this requires SDPC import and management. LEAs should be able to perform this function themselves without error. Checking built in to ensure the correct applications are identified.

Ability to add one DPA for multiple resources


Autofill Text Boxes on Search page

Upload Custom Exhibit B

Meta Tag Enhancements

Progress Workflow Templates & add WYSISYG Tool for Emails

Upload Bulk Agreements via web form

Implement Resource Selection Tool

Simplify SDPC Badges for Vendors with linked page showing states

Add categories to Content Meta Tags


Self Serve Bulk Import Tool

Make Join Us dropdown autocomplete

Display resource logo in all places

Update multiple resource progress at once

Add Email notifications: To resource users of data breach; Add custom auto-responses to New Account Requests; and Report/flag bad records

Add ability to prepare agreements for approval

Enhanced Reporting

New Fields: Implementation level / responsible party for set-up and support; Custom fields for IL Alliance; Declined date field; and Add date range to search fields

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