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Here are some of the enhancements we have completed for the SDPC Resource Registry.

To see the most recent enhancements, please review the SDPC Resource Registry Roadmap page >>

Completed Tasks


Multi-Resource Originating DPA Enhancement

When a district adds an originating agreement that covers multiple resources offered by the vendor, they can now easily add these with a click of a button. If the district is not using all the resources covered by the DPA then, they can still add them to the system so others can subscribe to the agreement without them publicly showing on the originating district’s listing. To edit past originating agreements to add resources, districts can visit the ” Manage Agreement” screen and click on the “Add More Resources” button. A training guide is available from the Help > User Trainings menu.

‘New’ Resource Requests

All ‘new’ resource names will need to be approved before they are added to the SDPC Resource Registry.  Users will be prompted to complete an online submission with the information, so that we can try to ensure the database is kept up-to-date with ‘clean’ data rather than multiple entries for the same resource.

Auto File Naming Convention

When uploading an agreement or addendum pdf, the system will now automatically change the file name to meet the web naming requirements. Users still need to compress the files before uploading.

Duplicate Originating Agreement Prevention

The system prevents users from uploading multiple originating agreements for the same resource and agreement type. Users will now receive an alert if there is already an originator in the system.

No Originator Alerts

If a user is trying to subscribe to an agreement that has no originator yet, an alert message will display letting them know and preventing them from adding the agreement.

JULY 2022

Create global templates for content to include navigation, header, and footer.
Helps backend support admin.

Duplicate Agreement upload notification.
When a duplicate alliance-based request is submitted, a popup will display notifying them that a new request already exists for this resource in the Alliance. Then it will present the option to subscribe to the new request or continue to add the new request to their LEA.

Error messages when agreements can’t be loaded.
Form validation has been added for file upload size. Error message appears if file is more than 8MB.

JUNE 2022

Carry over justification, purpose, and FERPA data from originating agreement to subscribing Exhibit E data.

Have justification, purpose, and FERPA data carry over to a subscribing agreement from the originator when adding a new Exhibit E.

Currently only available to UT Alliance.

MAY 2022

Data Elements and Definitions Button

Data Elements and Definitions Button added to Customized Resource Listing page. LEAs can choose to show the button or not to control the URL under Edit District Accounts.

Currently only available to UT Alliance.

FERPA Exception and Justification Options

Replace the text area form field with checkbox selections when adding an Agreement.
Currently only available to UT Alliance.

APRIL 2022

Report/Flag Records

SDPC users can now report or flag an Agreement entry that has errors or needs to be reviewed (available from Alliance search pages). This is a courtesy email notification sent to the district admin.

Custom Autoresponder: New Account Requests

Alliance admins can now add a custom autoresponder when a new LEA requests an account. You can do this by visiting Account Management > Manage Alliance.  We advise that you include a contact email address for YOUR Alliance Admin Team, as the default sender email address is not monitored.

Data Breach Notifications

Alliance Admins and vendors can now send data breach notification to all users of a specific resource. This new functionality is found under the Tools drop-down menu.

‘Your District’ Agreement Filters

Search your LEA’s agreements faster and easier using the new filter by status buttons above the table listing.

Updated Look and Feel of Add/Edit Agreement Screens

When selecting an agreement type, you can now learn more about what an originator and subscriber is as well as the agreement types. Form screens have been updated to add categories to groups of fields which makes navigation of the page easier on your eyes.

Display resource logo in all places where resources are listed

The resource logo is now displayed on all pages were resources are listed.

Progress Workflow Templates & add WYSISYG Tool for Emails

A WYSIWYG editor has been added to the Workflow Progress email notifications form fields.

Autofill Text Boxes on Search page

Searching just got easier with the new autofill drop-down menus that filter results as you type.


Updating the functionality and speed of the SDPC Resource Registry. 
Incudes: Repair DB indexing, Query improvements, Front End Query Design, enhanced table sorting


Additional Admin Controls: Additional methods for alliance database clean-up

Additional Admin Controls: Holding Area for Agreement approval
This enhancement enables Alliances to ‘hold’ Agreements for review prior to them being published on the SDPC Resource Registry.

Upload Custom Exhibit B
This enhancement enables you to upload a custom Exhibit B to your Agreement.


Agreement Holding 
This enhancement enables Alliances to manage NDPA/DPA’s before they go live on the SDPC Resource Registry.  This functionality is really important to ensure the quality of Agreements available from the Registry.
View the Technical Guides for more information on this feature.

DPA Renewal Workflow enhancements. 
Build a workflow to manage expiring DPA renewal including Originating LEA and Subscribing LEAs.
View the Technical Guides for more information on this feature.


Agreement Progress Communication Control
Define a way to edit the progress emails globally – one edit applies to all Districts. 
Currently only available to MA, NH, ME, RI Alliances.

Agreement Progress Indicator
Automatically add the progress steps and emails to every new District.  
Currently only available to MA, NH, ME, RI Alliances.

JULY 2021

Exhibit E Execution Enhancement.
When choosing to subscribe to a DPA, each district needs to be presented with the option to a) add unique Exhibit A and/or b) add a unique Exhibit B, and also to send a copy of Exhibit E vendor email to subscribing LEA email address.
View the Technical Guides for more information on this feature.

We are working hard to update the SDPC Resource Registry and improve its functionality for all users.

If you have a suggestion or enhancement request we would love to hear it!

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