Vendor 101

Chapter 3: Community Tools

SDPC Resource Registry

The Resource Registry is a set of tools built for schools/districts to better manage their applications, workflows and privacy agreements.  It has the ability to allow schools to let teacher request a resource, set their own workflow processes for approval and manage the apps and agreements.

Agreement / App Management


This is a screenshot of the Registry – one that can be linked to school / district websites for transparency to teachers, administration and even parents!

Data Used is shown in the Data column.

Data Privacy Agreements are uploaded as a PDF.

Privacy By The Numbers

Countries collaborating


Resources in Registry


School Districts represented


States participating


participating Vendors


signed Data Privacy Agreements

Students supported by SDPC tools


As you can see the numbers and growth in the Registry has been exponential in nature!

How to Utilize the Resource Registry

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Too Many Contracts... and not much time!

Wouldn’t it Be Great If You Could:

Save Resources (time, money, etc.) With ONE Data Privacy Agreement in ALL Your Terms of Service Agreements with Customers

“Piggyback” Off ONE District Signed Agreements for all other School Districts within the State Alliance

Seamlessly and Transparently Communicate Those Agreements to other SDPC Alliances, your customers, the marketplace, etc.

Introducing... the National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA)

2019 A4L/SDPC Meeting

Kick off of Legal Project Team | Goals of NDPA Summer 2019

18 months of meetings

Districts, Alliances, SEAs & Vendors | Clause by clause discussions | Suggestions gathered | Security sub-group | Hit a wall Feb 2020 - then COVID | Completed via Alliance working group

April 2020

Alliance working group formed | Completed NDPA Draft 1 June 2020

Two rounds of Community Comments

Approximately 200 Comments | Roughly 60% Accepted | Many duplicates

NDPA v1 released July 2020

Majority of Alliances now Using or in Process


Further increase consistency across Alliance DPAs

Standardize the DPA Format so it looks the same across Alliances

  • Ease logistics of implementing

Identify common legal requirements across jurisdictions

Provide mechanism to add other jurisdiction specific requirements

Standardize terminology & definitions across jurisdictions and working groups (Legislative)

Greater impact on, and buy in from, the vendor marketplace = Adoption

The Community is proud of the first release and how it can streamline application contracting for both end users and vendors. 

Schools/Districts are moving toward the NDPA’s usage in many different modes – now or in next contract period.

The ‘Cover Page’ shows everyone, in one view, if there are any exceptions to the released Standard Clause Set (either state, district, or vendor modified). 

The Standard Clauses ARE NOT open to red line changes, – all changes MUST be in Exhibits only. 

This document has been developed to protect the integrity of the NDPA, as well as the usage, change and approve Community expectations adopted by the members of the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC).