Vendor 101

Chapter 4: Skin in the Game

Are you interested in increasing sales?

SDPC Membership puts you in front of thousands of potential customers inclusion in the SDPC Resource Registry with Signatory Badge Program to ‘feature’ your signed Agreements!

Via member contact lists, webinars for your products, leadership positions to interact with school Districts who are going to the SDPC Resource Registry FIRST to find vendors who value student data privacy – and it could be YOU!! 

Would you like to simplify contracting? 

The National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA): Introduces a national standardized privacy clause agreement, highlights any State-specific requirements allowing your organization to sign one Alliance agreement that other School Districts in the State can ‘piggyback’ onto.

A goal of the SDPC is to streamline contracting for you and your customers.

Would you like to gain access to potential customers and market players? 

Have a “seat at the table” in showing privacy leadership with thousands of school CIOs and hundreds of marketplace players.

You can participate in one of many Project Teams and provide your thoughts, interest, expertise and raise your hand where you can help – schools value vendors that are involved! 

Do you want to show your organization’s commitment to data privacy? 

Promote your organizational commitment to student privacy and be seen as a trusted resource via the Members/Partners webpage. 

Membership Value Proposition

Being “at the table” with current or potential customers puts your organization above those who continue to frustrate customers in negotiations.

SDPC Resource Registry: Value Add

Edit your account information

Make changes to your User Profile

Be in control of what notifications you are subscribing to

Ensure the marketplace knows how to contact you!

Manage all your listed Resources

Link all listed Agreements / Resources to your organization, so you can keep track of them in one place

Ensure your organization information is up-to-date (and aligned with your internal marketing/comms)

Feature YOUR Agreements

Have your signed Agreements ‘featured’ on Alliance pages so School Districts (and other Alliances) can easily see!

Stand out from the crowd… this is a ‘Member Only’ function and ensures you are noticed!

Download your Vendor Badges

Available per State for every signed, non-modified National Data Privacy Agreements (NDPA)

Can be used (on your website, in marketing collateral, presentations etc.) for the lifetime of an active/valid signed NDPA

Exhibit E interest list

Get alerts when a School District has identified YOUR organization as one they want to sign an Exhibit E with!